Service Requests | Maintenance Tips | Questions and Answers

Service Requests
For routine and non-emergent issues, please submit your service request below. If you have a maintenance emergency, please call Scott Reinecker at 717.578.1921. For fire or safety emergencies, call 911 and then Scott Reinecker.

Maintenance professionals are available daily to respond to your service calls. We strive to take care of any issues within the same day of your request. A maintenance professional will visit your property at a convenient time for you, and leave a completed service work order so you know that your problem has been addressed.

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Service Requests | Maintenance Tips | Questions and Answers

Maintenance Tips

Report the following problems immediately by filling out a Service Request.
Utility bills can significantly increase without timely intervention for these issues.

• Toilet water that does not stop running after flushing
• Toilet’s that are not operable after plunging
• Stains in a ceiling or water dripping from a ceiling
• Dripping faucets
• Heat is not working
• Water in the basement/on the basement floor

We recommended having the following tools on hand for everyday use:

• Vacuum cleaner
• Plunger for each bathroom
• Cleaning supplies
• Flat head and phillips head screw driver
• A pair of pliers

Light bulbs

The following maintenance tips are provided to help you successfully manage your rental property.
If the following information does not answer your questions, please fill out a
Service Request form.

Smoke Detectors

Functional smoke detectors are an important part of fire safety. Do not tamper with or remove the smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are hard wired with a battery backup in case of a power failure. They are wired in a series to alert the entire house if there is smoke present, so it is normal that they all go off together. All fire detectors are hardwired to a monitoring company, and we will be notified if there is any malfunction in the fire/alarm systems.

Alarm Systems

Utilize your alarm system. All alarm systems are hardwired to a monitoring company, and we will be notified if there is any malfunction in the alarm system. False alarms are important to report to the monitoring company. After three false alarms, you are billed by the fire company for repeated false dispatches.

What is a breaker box?

A breaker box controls the electricity throughout a house. Individual breakers control batches of lights and electrical outlets. The breaker box is located in the basement. It is a grey box hanging on the wall. If a breaker is “tripped,” it means that a batch of lights/electrical outlets needs to be reset. This batch of lights/electrical outlets will not work if the breaker has been tripped.

To reset a breaker, complete these steps in the following order:
1. Go to the breaker box.
2. Open the breaker box door.
3 .Look for the small switch that shows a red bar appearing next to the switch. The red bar indicates that this is the breaker that has tripped. There may be more than one breaker displaying a red bar.
4. Turn the “tripped” switch that is displaying the red bars(s) to the “off” position, then back to the “on” position. The red bar should go away. This will reset the breaker.
5. If the problem is not solved please submit a Service Request.

Lights Not Working

Should your lights not turn on in a single room, try these steps in the following order:
1. Replace the light bulb.
2. If the light remains inoperable, check the corresponding breaker, and follow the steps for resetting a breaker.
3. If the problem is not solved, please
submit a Service Request.

Electrical Outlet Not Working

Should an outlet be inoperable in any room, try these steps in the following order:
1. If there is a reset button located in the middle of the outlet, push the reset button.
2. If the outlet remains inoperable, check the corresponding breaker by following the steps located in What is a Breaker Box?

3. If the problem is not solved, submit a Service Request.

Gas Odor

Most often, an ordor of gas in a kitchen is caused by an extinguished pilot light in the stove. This is common. To eliminate the gas odor, the pilot light will need to be relit. Submit a Service Request.

Where is the main water shut off valve?

In the event of a significant water leak or pipe burst, immediately turn off the main water valve located in the basement. Turn the valve clock-wise to the off position.

Toilet Water Constantly Running

A toilet with continuously running water after flushing may need an adjustment of the water level mechanism inside the tank. If left unattended, a running toilet can significantly increase your water bill. For immediate intervention, we suggest that you turn the off the tiolet shut-off valves to the off position. The shut off valves are located behind the toilet near the floor. There is one knob that controls the toilet tank. Then, submit a Service Request.

Clogged Toilet

Should your toilet clog, try these steps in the following order:
1.Use a plunger. Be sure the head of the plunger creates a tight seal around the opening in the toilet bowl.
2.If the toilet remains inoperable, submit a
Service Request.

Leaking Faucets

A constantly dripping faucet or shower head may need an adjustment or the washer may need to be replaced. If left unattended, a dripping faucet can significantly increase your water bill.

For immediate intervention, we suggest that you turn the sink shut-off valves to the off position. Sink shut off valves are located under the sink near the floor or inside the sink cabinet. They are two silver knobs that control the hot and cold water. Then, submit a Service Request.

Drain Plugs and Screens in Tub and Sinks

It is important to keep sink and shower/tub drain plugs in place. This prevents excessive hair build up which is the cause of many clogged pipes.

Water Leaks in the Ceiling

View your ceilings occasionally to ensure that you do not have a water leak. Never ignore a water leak or running water. If the leak appears to be coming from the upstairs bath, turn off the water supply valves located under the toilet. Then, submit a Service Request.

Condensation in the Refrigerator

If there is condensation in the frame of the refrigerator doors when you open them, your refrigerator may need to be leveled. To level the refrigerator, adjust the front legs by moving them up and down. The refrigerator should have a slight tilt from front to back.

Washing Machine and Dryers

The machines must be sitting level. Do not move the machines. Place your clothes evenly in the washer tub to keep the load balanced during the running cycle. Do not overload the machines. Clean the lint trap after using the dryer. This will prevent potential fire hazards.

Air Conditioner Window Unit Placement

Window unit air conditioners need to be tilted slightly away from the house so that the condensation coming from the unit drips outside and not into the window well. Be sure the air conditioner is secure in the window box. If you need help with installation, submit a Service Request.

Service Requests | Maintenance Tips | Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

When do I sign a lease?

Reinecker Real Estate offers one-year leases and can accommodate other requests such as mid-year and abbreviated leases. Typically, annual leases are executed beginning in November for occupancy beginning in June of the following year, but we can accommodate lease contracts at any time during the year. It is highly recommended that potential tenants contact us as early as possible to complete the leasing process. This will ensure first choice selection of available housing units.

Do you offer short term leases?

Yes. We can accommodate term leases on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Do I need Renters Insurance?

Renter’s insurance is not required, but is highly recommended. Contact your current insurance provider to ask about setting up a temporary rider on your policy.

Do you offer assistance in finding roommates?

Yes, we do. We often have individuals calling that are transferring, and we link them with existing tenants that desire an additional roommate.

Can I sublease my room?

Yes, you may sublease your room, but certain requirements must be met. You must also gain approval from us and your roommates prior to subleasing. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances and find out more about the requirements.

Do I have to mow the lawn and shovel the snow?

You do not have to worry about any lawn care or snow removal. We do ask that you keep your yard free of trash.

Can I paint my room/common areas of my house?

No, we do not suggest you paint the interior of your house. If you do paint, be aware that at the end of your lease, your security deposit will be charged for time and materials to return your room to the original white.

Do you allow pets?

No. We do not allow pets under any circumstance.

Is a washer and dryer included?

Yes. All properties have a coin free washer and dryer on site.

What kitchen appliances are included?

Every kitchen has a refrigerator (larger units may have two refrigerators) and a full size stove. Many of our houses have dishwashers. You will need to supply your own small appliances like a microwave, toaster and coffee maker.

When can I move in?

Move in dates are commensurate with the lease start date. All balances must be paid in full at the time of move in or keys will not be distributed.

Can I move in early?

We can accommodate summer schedules and early move-ins on a case by case basis prior to the lease start date. Contact us with any early move in requests at least one month prior to moving in.

When are security deposits refunded?

Our security deposits are returned within 45 days from the date you move out. We will mail your deposit to the address provided to us at the start of your lease unless otherwise notified.

Service Requests | Maintenance Tips | Questions and Answers

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